Educational Tracks

Frontline Operations

These sessions will focus on subjects that are relevant to frontline Emergency Communications
Center personnel including procedures related to answering 9-1-1 calls, dispatching public safety units and physical/emotional health and wellness. Topics might include: Aggravated Callers, Health & Wellness Awareness, EMD Stories of Implementation/Success, Active Shooter
Incidents, Stress Management, and Interaction with co-workers

Leadership Development

The sessions within this track will focus on developing leadership skills that every successful
leader needs to possess, both operationally and technically. Participants will learn the tools and
techniques to enhance their personal performance and become a great leader. Topics might
include: Managing Different Personality Types in the Workplace, Communication Styles, diversity, morale, motivation, employee engagement, etc.

Communications Center Management

Sessions will enable managers to create a powerful impact on their employees and their agency
by focusing on issues directly related to operating a communications center and mentoring.
Topics might include: Employee Wellness Programs, Current Legal Issues Facing PSAPs,
Managing service issues and outages and Legal/Ethical Issues Surrounding Caller Data and
Outside Vendor Partnerships

Emergency Preparedness, Response & Situational Awareness

The sessions within this track are designed to address the operational planning needed to prepare for emergencies and disasters.  Topics might include:  Lessons Learned/After Action Reports, Wildfires, Avalanches, Search and Rescue, Civil Disturbances, and ECC facility safety.

Radio Technologies, NG9-1-1 and Emerging Technologies

This track is dedicated to relevant trends and future-thinking insights related to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) as well as the operational impact of new technology in the communication center and how technology and information sharing are evolving. Topics might include: interoperability and collaboration, Project 25 or other technologies, system management and infrastructure, spectrum management, regulatory and policy discussions, FirstNet, Smartphone Apps, Text to 9-1-1, Social Media, NG9-1-1, Broadband, Managing Video & Imagery and Geospatial Technology


This track provides attendees an opportunity to learn about a specific vendor product or solution in a classroom environment.
Topics might include: case studies of real world events and how a specific product made a
difference, how a specific product enhances location information, QA tracking, tracking or
delivering training, scheduling, recording solutions, etc.

*Please note that the first 5 categories are vendor agnostic and for general knowledge enhancement. The Exhibitor track is designed for vendor specific training and demonstration similar to the demo area at APCO Intl’s Conference.